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Embrace simple ways to transform your lifestyle and live longer, happier!



I am a board-certified family medicine physician excited to share the benefits of LIFESTYLE and OBESITY MEDICINE.

I am passionate about wellness- and ideally have been focused on prevention of disease and chronic disease management as a family doc.  But as we all know, that is simply not enough! 

With over 60% of Americans really struggling to maintain a healthy weight, stretched thin with little extra time to exercise regularly, and feeling the strain and isolation of the recent COVID19 pandemic- I, too, wanted and NEEDED to change my own path.

LIFESTYLE MEDICINE empowers our choices to focus on improved nutrition, increased physical activity, better sleep hygiene, more stress management tools and self-care, mindfulness, and avoidance of substance use.  The benefits are real and have been proven to reverse disease processes.

OBESITY MEDICINE focuses on treating obesity not as a failure of willpower but rather as a true, chronic disease that deserves partnership with a medical team that understands the genetics and epigenetics of obesity and the neurohormonal influences that make weight management complicated and challenging.  Just like high blood pressure or diabetes, obesity is a disease process that deserves close monitoring and regulation without shame or blame.

There are obvious, natural overlaps between LIFESTYLE and OBESITY MEDICINE.  The best is working in partnership in a coaching format to educate and cheerlead my clients to identify and achieve their goals.