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This is a welcome shift for over 60% of American adults struggling with the maintenance of a healthy body weight.  No longer is obesity blamed on the individual as a lack of willpower or motivation  It is finally being recognized as a chronic disease that merits the same engagement with an experienced medical team providing compassionate partnership and long-term management just like patients with other chronic diseases (like depression, heart disease, diabetes) receive.


Obesity medicine recognizes the complexity of genetics and epigenetics and the neurohormonal influences that make weight management complicated and challenging.  There are new FDA-approved medications available to curb cravings, decrease binge-eating episodes and even affect metabolism at the cellular level stimulating weight loss.  While I will not be prescribing these medications for you wearing the hat of a health coach- I can explain and educate you regarding all of the tools available to you to best manage the chronic disease of obesity.  We will also explore lifestyle modifications as LIFESTYLE MEDICINE dovetails nicely to support the goals of OBESITY MEDICINE.

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