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Breast Cancer Awareness Race



The American Cancer Society projects that there will be over 18 millions cancer survivors in the United States in 2023.  Over 70% of these cancer survivors are expected to live 5 years or more beyond their cancer diagnosis.

After a course of chemotherapy or radiation is completed, the patient is often invited to ring a bell signaling the transition from active cancer treatment to a new survivorship status.  The patient goes home, elated to be done, but unsure of next steps.  The medical visits are now much less frequent and often brief.  Fear sets in for many, worried if and when the cancer might come back.

The cancer survivor can feel lost or forgotten at this new stage.  Imagine a model of care where the six pillars of Lifestyle Medicine (NUTRITION/SLEEP/EXERCISE/STRESS MANAGEMENT/MINDFULNESS AND SOCIAL CONNECTEDNESS and AVOIDANCE OF RISKY SUBSTANCES) are tailored to the cancer survivor and the cancer type to help focus on measurable improvements to the survivor's lifestyle and provide better long-term health outcomes both physically and emotionally.

We deserve to THRIVE!

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