I hope I covered everything you wish to know about me, my approach, and my services. Below you will find a collection of commonly asked questions. If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at

  • WILL YOU BE MY PHYSICIAN? When you enter into a coaching relationship with me, you acknowledge that while I am a licensed physician, life coaching is NOT medical advice and coaching does NOT establish a physician-patient relationship.  You should discuss any and all medical, personal health, and mental health concerns with your personal physician. You are ultimately responsible for all decisions you make and the outcomes you achieve.

  • CAN WE MEET VIRTUALLY?  We can meet in-person, virtually, or a hybrid as desired.  I am based in the Twin Cities and am happy to meet in-person at least initially as I feel this helps to establish an easy connection up front which can have great impact and benefit to our coaching relationship.

  • WILL CLASSES BE IN PERSON OR ON-LINE?  Classes will initially be on-line in real time so people taking the class can ask questions and to allow for discussion when desired.  I anticipate there will be a time when these classes will be delivered in person in the near future. 

  • WILL YOU BE ADDING MORE CLASSES SOON?  I love to teach and intend to be adding more classes of interest as fast as I can!  I am open to suggestions of topics you may be interested in, too!  Please let me know!

  • WHAT KIND OF RESULTS CAN I EXPECT?  Sustained results takes time and energy.  A change in lifestyle as it relates to one's nutrition, exercise, sleep or stress management takes determination and perseverance.  Yet there are many quick results that you notice right away as you begin to simply start focusing on inviting positive change into your life.  Coaching is a tool to help you identify and redirect your goals with profound outcomes over time!