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Passionate About People

My greatest joy is undoubtedly the gift of my family.   My husband Rob has helped me co-pilot this one wild and crazy life we have been navigating together the past 27 years - currently in the midst of raising our three amazing teenagers, three cats and one Springer Spaniel puppy living in harmony (?!) in Minnesota. Together, we enjoy traveling, being outdoors, cooking new recipes, and laughing lots.

I am the second of four kids born and raised in Milwaukee, WI.  I am especially grateful for our extremely healthy and active 82 year old mom who lives independently in our childhood home and continues to thrive despite our dad dying early at age 66 from colon cancer.

I have also been blessed with amazing patients in my past twenty plus years as a family physician- many of whom feel like extended family members as we continue to share life's joys and challenges together. 


Life is never easy.  I was diagnosed with breast cancer at my first screening mammogram at age 41 and went through a double mastectomy and chemotherapy while our kids were only 2, 6 and 8.  I recently had a second cancer scare July 2021 when I went in (late!) for my first screening colonoscopy at 52 and had a suspicious 5 cm mass discovered.  I underwent resection of 14 inches of my colon 8 weeks later and thankfully it was a precancerous polyp which will only need closer surveillance moving forward.  I am grateful to my fellow cancer survivors, co-survivors, and caregivers who uplifted me through these journeys.   I remain committed to advocating for more survivorship resources focusing particularly on nutrition, exercise, sleep and mental health and mindfulness tips to manage the long-term side effects of cancer treatment and to decrease risk of recurrence.

I am passionate about partnering with others as we strive for a little more health and happiness in our lives.


Katie Klingberg, MD




  • Board Certified in Family Medicine, ABFM 2001-current

  • Board Certified in Lifestyle Medicine, ACLM, November 2020

  • Board Certified in Obesity Medicine, ABOM, February 2021

  • Whole Foods Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate, T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies, February 2020

  • Certificate of Completion in Culinary Coaching, Institute of Lifestyle Medicine, Harvard Medical School, February 2021

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