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improve YOUR HEALth

  • 90 minute session- $199 in person or virtual

    1 hr 30 min
    199 US dollars
  • Learn more about the WFPBD craze!

    29 US dollars
  • Learn more about Lifestyle Medicine and how it can change your health

    29 US dollars
  • Need help reducing cholesterol, heart disease or stroke risk?

    29 US dollars
  • Take control of your Type 2 Diabetes with LIFESTYLE MEDICINE

    29 US dollars
  • 30 minutes sessions in person or virtually

    30 min
    69 US dollars
  • Embracing obesity as a chronic disease- learn more!

    29 US dollars
  • Designed especially for cancer survivors to maximize wellness!

    29 US dollars
  • Important nutrition tips to prevent or reverse cancer

    29 US dollars
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